Hardwood floors

HMG HARDWOOD FLOORS offers Excellence in Hardwood flooring including hardwood floor Installation and refinishing services is a Triad flooring contractor serving all your hardwood flooring needs.We specializes in hardwood floor installation, refinishing, repairs, as well as custom & exotic hardwood floors. We also retail unfinished hardwood flooring, prefinished flooring, engineered flooring etc..



HMG HARDWOOD FLOORING brings over 20 years experience to the table, as well as maintaining High Standards, Strong Work Ethics, Reliability, quality work and honest.HMG hardwood Flooring takes pride in all the work that we do and doesn’t leave the job until it’s done right. we know there are many other flooring contractors to choose from and we do our best to make sure the quality of our floor covering jobs stands out from the rest.

By hiring HMG HARD WOOD FLOORING to install your new floors, you are choosing a highly skilled company that has access to the most current information in the industry and the most technologically advanced pre-finished or unfinished hardwood floor systems.

We make our services available at competitive rates, in order to help fit your project into your budget. Custom wood floor installation prices vary according to wood types and pattern complexity.

HM&G offer different installation technologies, so you can enjoy genuine wood floors in every room of your home, wherever you live.

brings over 20 years experience to the table


All the designs of wooden floor installed in their exact details, down to the last detail. You can also incorporate a beautiful medallion with borders in the project to give a little more.

By hiring HMG wood floors install new flooring, you are choosing a highly qualified company that has access to the latest industry on prefinished or unfinished systems technologically most advanced information hardwood floor.

  • Nothing adds character and beauty to your home as a natural wood floor.
  • The edges are square without bevel between individual floorboards hardwood.
  • Sanding and finishing hardwood floor in place after the hardwood floor is in place allows the installer of hardwood flooring and sand to fill dents or bumps that may occur during construction or remodeling.
  • Site finished hardwood floors can be stained customized to your preferences.


Refinishing a hardwood floor means sanding off the finish of the hardwood flooring, re staining the color back in, then applying the new finish and top coat.

This typically takes a week or so to complete, and leaves a lingering odor for a week or two after the work is done. You only need to refinish your hardwood floors if you want the look of brand new floors, want to change the color of the stain, or need to repair severe scratches.

Resurfacing hardwood flooring involves gently cleaning the surface of the floor with special products, and resealing the top coat to restore luster and shine to your hardwood floors.

Resurfacing saves 60% over the cost of refinishing, is done in one day, and has no lingering odor.The effect is breathtaking, without refinishing.



Bad things happen to wood floors. Sometimes it’s water damage. An appliance may leak or a toilet may overflow (while you’re on vacation). Sometimes it’s fire damage. Floors get beaten up and mistreated for a variety of reasons. If you have a wood floor that’s seen better days, call HMG Hardwood Floors. We can bring that old, worn, tired wood floor back to life with our hardwood restoration and repair techniques.

Beginning with a careful on-site inspection, our trained professionals will provide a thorough assessment of your flooring options so you can make an educated decision in regards to your needs and budget. Even if you think replacing the floor is your only option, let us take a look. Many times our wood floor experts can preserve part of the floor and repair the damaged area saving you money. Our restoration team can return old, abused and damaged wood floors to their original beauty.